We’re English speakers. How will my children learn Hebrew?

We’re English speakers. How will my children learn Hebrew?

From their friends and neighbors. From interacting with the outside world. You can also find a tutor or teacher for them. If you study Hebrew and speak it at home (even if you’re just learning), your children may want to also.

You can also read to them in Hebrew, which is probably the same way they did or will learn to read English.

Update: My personal experience after ten years homeschooling in Israel is that this is the most important issue, and it is worth investing energy in finding a way for your child to have opportunities to interact frequently with Hebrew speakers. Learning to express one’s self in Hebrew is the key toward becoming fluent at reading and writing Hebrew.

I found that speaking to my child only in Hebrew helps tremendously, even though I am a native English speaker.

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One comment on “We’re English speakers. How will my children learn Hebrew?
  1. Donna Marie says:

    My family and I are pursuing Aliyah and I homeschool our 12 yr old daughter.
    We are currently not sure of the exact location of where we will be residing, but I came onto this website in search of homeschool support groups in the various areas. It seems as though homeschooling is a growing trend there in Israel now.. I too have concerns about how my daughter is to make transition into this culture and land and if homeschooling might prevent her from having access to children her age. I want this to be a positive experience, as she is leaving behind some very, very precious friends…here in the states. What area do you reside? We are not at all familiar with the demographics of Israel, but I have had my attention brought towards Haifa several times. I’ve learned it’s an “okay” area . We have never lived in a city atmosphere so I’m praying that where ever we end up, will be something we will be able to adapt to…we are more accustomed to a more rural setting, yet we don’t want to be so far out that we are limited in our social interactions.
    Thank you for any helpful response!
    Appreciate your time!
    Donna Marie – USA