How to get a homeschooling permit אישור לחינוך ביתי

Officially, for each child you need permission from the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of Education claims that they approve 95% of all applications.

Here is a page of questions and answers in Hebrew on the official web site of the Ministry of Education:….

The latest official Israel Ministry of Education internal guidelines for processing applications (updated April 2009) are online at:

Hebrew | English Translation

Here is the official Application Form:

Hebrew (PDF) | English Translation

Here are the official guidelines for writing a request:

Hebrew (PDF) | English Translation

Requests for permission to homeschool are to be sent to the “Menahel Hamachoz”, the District Supervisor, in your region.

In the Southern District only, submit your documents through this form:

מנהלי מחוזות


מנהל היחידה

מס’ טלפון

מס’  פקס

מנהל מחוז ירושלים

מאיר שמעוני

02-5601605 02-5601603

מנהלת מחוז הדרום

עמירה חיים

08-6263008 08-6263009

מנהלת מחוז תל-אביב

דלית שטאובר

03-6896358 03-6896751

מנהלת מחוז המרכז

ד”ר סולי נתן

03-6896642 03-6896748

מנהל מחוז חיפה

רחל מתוקי

04-8632443 04-8632442

מנהלת מחוז הצפון

ד”ר אורנה שמחון

04-6500102 04-6500307






Meir Shimoni

02-5601605 02-5601603

Southern Region

Amira Haim

08-6263008 08-6263009

Tel Aviv

Dalit Shtauber

03-6896358 03-6896751

Central Region

Dr. Soli Natan

03-6896642 03-6896748


Rachel Matoki

04-8632443 04-8632442

Northern Region

Dr. Orna Simchon

04-6500102 04-6500307

As far as we know, in the Jerusalem region requests should be sent to Dan Grossman. His phone number is: 050-628-8974. His email address is His secretary, Zahava, can be reached at 02-560-1616.

The person in charge of Homeschooling in the Ministry is Yehudit Danilov. Her office’s number in Jerusalem is: 02-5603221, and her email address is:

The Ministry’s guidelines say that you are supposed to explain your educational philosophy, your curriculum, how you will teach, and how you will evaluate the success of the education. However, the guidelines seem to allow for much less formal approaches, and many families have had success with a range of application formats. In the past, some have received permission with a terse letter stating their intention to homeschool, although the current guidelines might not allow for that. You should include your child’s name and ID number, as well as your own.

Many families are currently homeschooling without such permission, and have not been forced to send their children to school. How much they have been pursued by the Ministry has varied from case to case. Many have had no problems at all.

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