Picnic in Efrat

(Oct. 6, 1999) The 3rd annual Home Educators Picnic in Efrat’s Omega park on October 5, 1999 (formerly the “Not-Back-To-School” Picnic) was attended by ten families, as well as by magazine and television reporters.

The kids played in the playground and had water fights, while the parents (including two fathers!) got to know each other and talk about their individual homeschooling philosophies.

The television crew was a big distraction, and most future events will not be open to the media. The kids handled the television interviews very well, as did their parents.

Kobi Ernstoff, age 13, who attendsyeshivain Jerusalem for Torah studies only, told the television reporter, “I’m the only kid in my school who hasn’t been sent to the principal. Why don’t I act up? Because I’m not forced to be there. I can leave whenever I want.”

Everyone expressed a desire to get together more often, and planning is already underway for some upcoming events.

Several families who heard about the picnic but could not attend, made contact to express their support and to find out about future events.

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