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Israel Education Ministry Releases 2009 Homeschooling Guidelines הנהלים לאישור בקשת הורים לחינוך ביתי

(April, 2009) The Israel Ministry of Education published in April 2009 revised guidelines regarding permits for homeschooling in Israel. The previous guidelines were published in April 2006. The new document is online in Hebrew at: Update: An unofficial English

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“…חינוך ביתי בישראל – המצב המצוי והמצב הרצוי או “עוד ארוכה הדרך

עו”ד קרן רז ממשרד כבירי-נבו-קידר כשהכנסת הראשונה חוקקה את חוק לימוד חובה, התש”ט-1949 (להלן: “חוק לימוד חובה“), היו כוונותיה טובות ונכונות. חברי הכנסת ראו לנגד עיניהם חברת עולים חדשים, מעמדית, רוויית עוני, והבינו, כי המפתח לקידומה ולצמצום הפערים החברתיים הוא

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111 students officially homeschooling in 2007, according to the Ministry of Education

The Israel Ministry of Education announced that 111 students are homeschooling this year. In a press release dated February 1, 2007, they stated that of 100 applications received, 92 were approved. According to the Ministry, the permits were distributed as

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Archive – Old media mentions – Some links no longer active

Jerusalem Report Article about Homeschooling in Israel March 2005 Click to view article. (English) Jerusalem Post Article about Homeschooling in Israel August 29, 2004 – The Kainan, Ernstoff and Kasher families were featured in an in-depth article. Click to view

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Archive – Old news from the early days of homeschooling in Israel

New Hebrew Web Site about Homeschooling in Israel (April 2003) A comprehensive Hebrew web site about homeschooling in Israel has been launched by Beofen Tivi. From the link below, navigate to “Chinuch Beiti”. The site includes a list of support

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Home Education in Israel Blossoming in 5763!

(April 2003) The Jerusalem group has been meeting regularly twice a month for a few years now, and there are usually one or more new families every week! Over the course of the day, ten to twenty families will show

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Picnic in Efrat

(Oct. 6, 1999) The 3rd annual Home Educators Picnic in Efrat’s Omega park on October 5, 1999 (formerly the “Not-Back-To-School” Picnic) was attended by ten families, as well as by magazine and television reporters. The kids played in the playground

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